Eat Like a Mediterranean, Day 10


Today is our last day in the series, “Eat Like a Mediterranean.”  It’s all about how we can make some simple adjustments to our diet in order to make it more reflective of the disease-busting Mediterranean dietary patterns.  There is so much that we can emulate from their eating patterns, which is actually more of […]

Eat Like a Mediterranean, Day 9

Healthy food

The Mediterraneans do enjoy their alcohol, especially wine, and some of the cardiovascular protection they enjoy has been attributed to alcohol consumption.  If you recall from “Eat Like a Mediterranean, Day 1″, wine is included in their food pyramid and recommended “in moderation.”  In moderation is a term that confuses many.  Most guidelines recommend moderation […]

Eat Like a Mediterranean, Day 3

My son enjoying an apircot for midday snack!

Bump Up your Fruit Intake We’ve all been told that eating more fruits and vegetables is key to good health and weight management, yet we still seem to have trouble putting this knowledge into action.  Yesterday I discussed the importance of adding more vegetables to your meals.  Veggies really should take center stage at meals […]

Study Indicates 4 Lifestyle Habits Can Cut Heart Disease Risk 80%


In Today’s Post & Courier Your Health section (D1), David Quick writes about a recent study out of Johns Hopkins that touts four lifestyle habits – exercising regularly, eating a Mediterranean diet, not smoking, and maintaining a healthy weight – can cut one’s risk of heart disease by a whopping 80% (as well as death […]