Antioxidant-Boost Salad

Antioxidant-Boost Parfait

Even for those with the greatest willpower, the holiday season is generally a nutritional downward spiral until January 1st – um, make that 2nd (you just HAVE to attend a New Year’s Day party after all!). I concocted this easy, antioxidant boosting fruit salad and parfait the morning after Thanksgiving…it was my way of giving […]

Lemon Pepper Pappardelle with Broccoli

Voila!  Tasty lemon pepper pappardelle pasta with broccoli, in less than 30 minutes.

At my most recent book club, we were chatting it up about the great meal options Trader Joe’s carries, and basically what an overall fun experience it is shopping in there.  My friend Patty suggested we try TJ’s Lemon Pepper Pappardelle pasta, for she makes a mean pasta dish in less than 30 that her […]

Lemony Brussels Sprouts

Roasted Lemony Brussels Sprouts

Our family recently barbecued at a friend’s house, and we had the best grilled Brussels sprouts that I have ever had!  I praised this side dish so much that my friend Dawn walked into her kitchen, pulled out a bottle of Meyer Lemon Infused Oil and said, “Here, take this extra bottle home since you […]