Eat Like a Mediterranean, Day 3

My son enjoying an apircot for midday snack!

Bump Up your Fruit Intake We’ve all been told that eating more fruits and vegetables is key to good health and weight management, yet we still seem to have trouble putting this knowledge into action.  Yesterday I discussed the importance of adding more vegetables to your meals.  Veggies really should take center stage at meals […]

Sunrise Energy Bars

Since the school year has begun, I have been searching for ways to prepare (or grab) quick and easy breakfasts for me and my kids.  For me, I can’t have a full-on breakfast prior to working out, since I am no longer exercising at the crack of dawn, but I do need to have something […]

Almond-Honey Power Bars

Homemade granola bars

My mom recently made these yummy granola bars for us, and I cannot wait to make them at home this weekend.  They aren’t too sweet, have a nice crunch yet chewy trail mix bar texture, and great flavor!  They’d make a good on-the-go breakfast or midday snack. The recipe can be found on Eating Well […]

Pocket Paleo by The New Primal

Pocket Paleo

I’ve been doing CrossFit for two years now.  When I began I was primarily vegetarian – I included fish and dairy in my diet but eschewed beef and chicken for 10 + years.  Over time I found that I wasn’t necessarily lacking in energy or my ability to get stronger, but I was constantly ravenous […]