The ABC’s of Eating Well… Part "L"

Live a Little!I’ve been having fun writing these ABC’s on eating well, because it too helps me and my family get back on the right eating track.  For many of you, the “eating well” part may be trying to lose excess weight you’ve gained over the last several years/months.  In this case, if you are […]

The ABC’s of Eating Well… Part "K"

Hope everyone had a delightful Memorial Day weekend.  I’m sure the majority of us imbibed too much alcohol and consumed an excess of chips, dip, and burgers, so let’s get this week started on the right foot!   Letter K Keep Healthy Snacks on Hand – and limit your options I cringe every time I […]

The ABC’s of Eating Well… Part "J"

Juxtapose Food Labels at the Grocery Store…and you thought I couldn’t come up with a letter “J” word (yes, jicama, jello and jalapeno peppers would work, but I thought this was more useful from an overall nutrition perspective)!Do yourself a favor: the next time you hit the grocery store, do a little side by side […]

The ABC’s of Eating Well… Part "I"

Include More Water(for those of you rooting for ice cream, I’m sorry to let you down) As we enter the hot summer months, now more than ever it’s important to make sure you maintain a healthy fluid balance.  Although long-gone are the days when the gold standard for water recommendations was “8, 8-ounce glasses,” it’s […]

The ABC’s of Eating Well… Part "H"

Halve Your PortionsFor most Americans (and the majority of people trying to lose weight), cutting back on the amount of food portioned at meals is, in my opinion, the best and most economical step towards improving health and wellness.If all else in your lifestyle stays the same, shedding an additional 250-500 calories in a day […]