The ABC’s of Eating Well….Part "P"

Plan Menu and Prepare Meals/Snacks in AdvanceJust like everything in life that you want to accomplish – you must plan and prepare to be successful.  It’s like running a half or full-marathon (which I’m training for with over 20 women right now!) – we aren’t going to approach the starting line without having planned a […]

Interesting study on diet foods

Why diet foods are so unsatisfying – study

The ABC’s of Eating Well…. Part "O"

Omega-3 Fatty Acids (picture of fish on grill compliments of Zuhal Mullinax – thanks Zu!) Sales of omega-3 supplements (which is in the billions) clearly indicate that Americans are catching on that this essential fat is, indeed, vital for good health. It’s no surprise, as studies have linked omega-3’s to reduced inflammation, lower risk of […]

The ABC’s of Eating Well…. Part "N"

Nosh on Nuts Every Day Pistachios Almonds Peanuts Walnuts  Pecans Cashews Chestnuts Brazil nuts Hazelnuts Macademias There’s a nut out there for everyone Nuts consumption goes back to Paleolithic times, and our love for them has never waned.  Thank goodness, for a host of studies have shown that regular consumption of nuts does the body […]

The ABC’s of Eating Well… Part "M"

 Eat like a Mediterranean                 (pictures from a farmer’s market in Turkey – thanks Zuhal!)One of the greatest gifts you can give your health is to follow the dietary practices of  Mediterranean regions such as Crete, Greece and southern Italy.  I’m not necessarily talking about the Mediterranean dietary patterns […]