Great Reusable Lunch Storage

Great reusable lunch and drink containers

My oldest son has started kindergarten.  The amazing progressive school he attends is small, and does not have its own kitchen to make lunches – YAY I say! …now I do realize making lunches every day will likely result in some form of “lunch-prep fatigue” for me over the long-run.  But I welcome the opportunity […]

Artichoke & Olive Panzanella Salad

Artichoke & Olive Panzanella Salad

I love collecting cookbooks.  And if I happen to dine at a great restaurant that sells a cookbook, I’m all over it! Enter: Everyday Greens by Annie Somerville. I visited Greens in San Francisco for brunch with my California Aunts and Uncle a few years back….too many years ago really (I think ’05 Gah!). Anyway, […]

Dellz Deli – Amazing Vegetarian Dishes!

The Hummer Wrap Dellz Deli

I have been meaning to hit up Dellz Deli downtown for months now!  I have heard how fabulous this little deli is, but just haven’t had the chance to get down there.  Lucky for me, my children now go to school across town so hitting up downtown will be a regular occurrence. Recently, I visited […]

Spicy Tuna Burgers


On a recent visit to Charleston, my friend Natalie brought with her a fabulous recipe from Food and Wine: Spicy Tuna Burgers with Soy Glaze.  While we nicked the soy glaze (just one more culinary step we weren’t willing to make), and I was out of pickled ginger, we thoroughly enjoyed this spicy burger!  The fresh […]

White Bean and Tomato Salad

White bean and tomato salad

We invited some friends over for July 4th and Becca, my friend and fellow blogger from Good Girls Gone Geek, brought this AMAZING white bean and tomato salad.  Everyone devoured it!  The little that was left over tasted amazing the next day.  I cannot wait to make this salad for the next BBQ….it’s a great side dish […]