Eating Healthy Takes Some Planning

Monday is a good day to start the week off right (where healthy eating is concerned). But first you’ve got to start by planning your meals and grocery shopping list over the weekend. I find that Saturday’s or Sunday’s are the best time to sit down, go through my list of family favorite recipes, or […]

New Fav PB Wrap for Kiddos

Today, amidst a bustling day with the kids, we stopped to grab a quick bite at Tasi Bites and Blends over in The Shoppes at Seaside Farms. They are known for their smoothies and wheat grass concoctions, but I’ve been there once before for a decent veggie wrap, so I thought it’d be the closest […]

Meatless Meal Idea

Natalie , my dear friend who encouraged me to start blogging, decided that for this Lenten season she would give up all meat (e.g., beef and chicken). This is right up my alley, as I have refrained from eating chicken and beef for years now (for animal husbandry reasons; therefore I am open to consuming […]

Breaking Bread with Friends

For over a year now, we’ve been doing Monday night dinners with my friend Natalie and her two boys (whose husband is also not available for Monday dinner). We often have other girlfriend’s join us for dinner, or just stop by to enjoy an hour or so to let the kids romp around, and give […]