Best Tomato Soup Ever!

My girlfriend and fellow dietitian Kacie made this for us after we had our second child. I was in love with this soup from that day forward…and make it at least twice a month. Last night I served with some crusty garlic bread. When I tell you that you have to make this recipe – […]

Surprise! American’s Confused About Whole Grains

According to a new survey conducted by General Mills, 61 percent of adults surveyed (out of 1,010) believe that they consume enough whole grains in their diet. But according to the U.S. Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, only 5 percent of Americans consume the recommended 3 servings (yes, only 3) whole grains per day. What’s more, […]

Papa ZuZu’s – Gotta Try It

When my husband and I first visited Charleston for a job interview, we stayed downtown and passed by this tiny little hole in the wall on King Street called “Papa ZuZu’s”….despite it’s rather raw atmosphere, we gave it a try. I ordered a Portobello Gyro and my husband a Chicken Gyro….man were they good! We […]

Red Meat Intake and Stroke in Women – Plus a Veggie Chili Idea

When researchers from Sweden followed over 34,000 women who were free of cardiovascular disease for 10 years, they found that those who consumed an average 3 ounces of red meat each day had a 22 percent increased risk of having a stroke. What’s more, the highest red meat eaters (around 3.6 ounces per day) when […]

Resolve to be Resolute

Resolute: firm in purpose or belief; characterized by determination; steadfast; unwavering. Although New Year’s resolutions are, quite honestly, cliche, there is something about starting off the new year with purpose or a renewed sense of self. Ninety percent of the time, these goals embrace health, fitness, nutrition and/or weight loss. The problem is, we take […]