Sauteed Zucchini with Divina Roasted Tomatoes


This summer has been crazy busy.  I thought the school year I was pressed for time – but this summer makes the rest of the year look relaxing.  So when I had to whip together a quick meal last night I had to reach for whatever I had stocked in my fridge.  This dish turned […]

Eat Like a Mediterranean, Day 10


Today is our last day in the series, “Eat Like a Mediterranean.”  It’s all about how we can make some simple adjustments to our diet in order to make it more reflective of the disease-busting Mediterranean dietary patterns.  There is so much that we can emulate from their eating patterns, which is actually more of […]

Eat Like a Mediterranean, Day 9

Healthy food

The Mediterraneans do enjoy their alcohol, especially wine, and some of the cardiovascular protection they enjoy has been attributed to alcohol consumption.  If you recall from “Eat Like a Mediterranean, Day 1″, wine is included in their food pyramid and recommended “in moderation.”  In moderation is a term that confuses many.  Most guidelines recommend moderation […]

Eat Like a Mediterranean, Day 8

Pasta with Collards

Today’s goal may throw a few people….especially people who view carbs as “forbidden” or “bad.”  But I’m here to try and convince  you that not all carbs are bad for you!  Carbohydrate-rich foods should actually make up 40-50% of your calories on a daily basis.  Keep in mind that carbohydrates are derived not only from […]

Eat Like a Mediterranean, Day 7

Chickpea basmati rice and kale salad

I hope you’ve been able to try the “Eat Like a Mediterranean” challenges from days 1-6 that I’ve provided so far.  Today, challenge yourself to eat more dried beans or lentils – legumes/pulses that provide a healthy dose of phytonutrients, dietary fiber, plant protein, and are naturally low in saturated fat and void of trans […]