Roasted Cauliflower with Lemon

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One of my favorite foods from Ali Baba on Daniel Island is their roasted cauliflower.  The only problem is that sometimes I feel like it’s too heavily coated with olive oil.  So I attempted to make my own version of this tasty side last night. I am hooked!! Note: I purchased my Zahtar (a fantastic Middle Eastern […]

Have Leftover Grilled Corn? Make Quesadillas!


My husband and kiddos love grilled corn on the cob – the kind brushed with a blend of garlic, butter, cilantro and queso fresco. Since I purchased more than we could eat, we had couple left over from our meal.  Instead of tossing out those extra ears (or reheating them in micro – ick), I […]

Grilled Peaches!!

One word: YUM

Hands down, South Carolina grows the best peaches!  I got some at the Daniel Island Farmers Market yesterday.  Bought enough this time to actually make a dessert with them….usually the kids gobble them up so fast I can’t even prepare anything.  These peaches were ripe but still had enough crunch to them that you could grill them. […]

Watermelon Mint Sorbet


I recently wrote this article for Daniel Island Life magazine’s July issue.  This recipe is one of my family’s favorites! In the sweltering months of summer, my family likes nothing more than to cool off with an ice-cold bowl of sorbet.  It’s my way of letting them enjoy an occasional sweet treat without wreaking havoc on […]

A Twist on the Turkey Burger


I was perusing through my EatingWell July/August 2014 issue and came across a fun recipe titled, “Turkey Sausage & Peppers Burger.”  It is a recipe that reminiscent of sausage and peppers you may have enjoyed as a kid.  I tweaked this recipe a bit based on what I could find at the grocery store, and […]