White Bean and Tomato Salad

White bean and tomato salad

We invited some friends over for July 4th and Becca, my friend and fellow blogger from Good Girls Gone Geek, brought this AMAZING white bean and tomato salad.  Everyone devoured it!  The little that was left over tasted amazing the next day.  I cannot wait to make this salad for the next BBQ….it’s a great side dish […]

Grilled Cabbage & Endive with Pesto

Finished product - cabbages and endive brushed with warm pesto.  Next time I'm going to top with some shaved pecorino-romano to finish it off.

A few weeks back I got some small cabbages from Our Local Foods.  Tired of making slaw, I decided to quarter the cabbages, score out the thick core, and place on the grill (or in my case, the Big Green Egg).  The same went for some endive I bought at Trader Joes… although for these […]

Green Beans with Oyster Mushrooms and Shallots

Green beans with shallots and shiitake mushrooms

I love trying new veggie side dishes.  I recently ordered some Mepkin Abbey oyster mushrooms from Our Local Foods and got some fresh green beans at the Daniel Island Farmers Market (Thursdays on DI from 3-7).  Had some shallots in the pantry and thought combining these would be flavorful (along with some homemade pesto pasta […]

Vietnamese-Style Rice Noodle Salad

vietnamese-style rice noodle salad

My friend Melissa brought over a magazine for me to check out: Cook Fresh by Fine Cooking.  The spring issue was chock-full of great looking recipes, many of which I’ve already made, others on my list of to-do.  One in particular that my family enjoyed was a vietnamese-style rice noodle salad.  Filled with carrots, cucumbers, […]

Spinach in Puff Pastry

Spinach in Puff Pastry

My friend Samantha has been making this spinach pie for parties as long as I’ve known her….and after my recent foot surgery, she made it for my family as well.  I can’t express enough how tasty and different this spinach “pie” is over the kind I usually make.  It is chock full of flavorful spinach […]