Going Green in the New Year!

Tasty mid-afternoon kale, cucumber and ginger pick-me-up!

Happy New Year!  May 2013 bring you much love, laughter, good health, and nutritious food! Although I am not a fan of new year’s resolutions, I am big on using this time of year to reflect on my lifestyle and adjusting anything I feel may be taking my health off track.   My quest for […]

Spinach Salad with Pear and Pomegranate

Spinach Salad with Pear & Pomegranate

My husband has had a love for pomegranates since he was young.  As a child, his parents would hand him a whole pomegranate and let him go to town!  He would quietly dig in until every  juicy seed (proper name, aril) was gone.  His parent’s were, in my opinion, way ahead of the curve with […]

Pasta with Greens

Pasta with Collards

Last week I purchased two huge bunches of collard greens from a roadside vendor.  Not wanting to make the usual sautéed collards side dish, I began perusing some magazines for some inspiration.  I came across this light  and flavorful recipe in Martha Stewart’s Whole Living magazine, and loved this recipe!  It’s quick, easy, and chock […]

Antioxidant-Boost Salad

Antioxidant-Boost Parfait

Even for those with the greatest willpower, the holiday season is generally a nutritional downward spiral until January 1st – um, make that 2nd (you just HAVE to attend a New Year’s Day party after all!). I concocted this easy, antioxidant boosting fruit salad and parfait the morning after Thanksgiving…it was my way of giving […]

Amazing Carrot-Ginger-Orange Soup

Fantastic carrot-ginger-orange soup.

This past weekend was rainy and cold…perfect weather for more soup!  You can clearly see a trend in my kitchen this fall.  I believe soup is the perfect vehicle for bumping up your daily veggie requirement (that’s 9+ servings of fruits/veggies a day friends).  What’s more, research shows soup can play a big role in […]