Mushroom Ragu – Perfect Meatless Monday Night Dinner

mushroom ragu plated

Happy Monday!  We still have a bit of chill in the air in Charleston and when it stays cold for so long, the only thing I crave is comfort food.  When one thinks of “comfort” food they tend to think of fatty foods or dishes like beef stew, steak and potatoes, homemade mac n cheese, […]

Stuffed Portobellos


I love stuffed mushrooms!  They make for an amazing appetizer or main dish.  My recipe also makes for a great Meatless Monday or other meat-free main dish menu item. You can play around with the stuffing ingredients any way you wish.  I love the combination of feta, artichoke hearts and sun-dried tomatoes; and the arugula […]

Roasted Veggies with Orzo


I am blessed with children who love Brussels sprouts.  Because of this, I try to take advantage every chance I get to prepare them.  Brussels sprouts contain both heart and cancer-fighting nutrients.  Where the heart is concerned, Brussels sprouts are rich in bile acid-binding soluble fiber, which helps to lower cholesterol.  Of all the cruciferous […]

Sauteed Zucchini with Divina Roasted Tomatoes


This summer has been crazy busy.  I thought the school year I was pressed for time – but this summer makes the rest of the year look relaxing.  So when I had to whip together a quick meal last night I had to reach for whatever I had stocked in my fridge.  This dish turned […]

Eat Like a Mediterranean, Day 6


I believe one of the greatest challenges American’s have with adopting a more Mediterranean type of eating pattern is cutting back on red meat and poultry.  The traditional Mediterranean way of eating is abundant in fish (at least two meals per week), and more limited in red meat and poultry.  This likely had more to […]