The Last Supper

My dear friend Natalie – who was truly the driving force behind my starting this blog in the first place – and her family have moved.  It was a great opportunity for their family, but sad nonetheless.  We recently had our last weekly dinner together and it was tough not to break down and cry […]

Black Bean, Corn & Shrimp Salad


As part of our kitchen remodel project (now almost complete!) I have made a commitment to sift through the hundreds of recipes I’ve saved over the years, and retain only those which I am willing so sit at the computer and type out (read: only the ones that taste good). ┬áThis one, which is from […]


Er, it’s all up to interpretation…. After espousing the health benefits of a primarily vegetarian (“plant based”) diet and eschewing chicken, beef and other animal flesh beyond fish for well over 7 years, I admittedly had red meat the other day. Egad!!! Now let me explain myself…although heart disease runs thick through my familial bloodline, […]