Vietnamese Grilled Chicken Paninis

My take on Williams-Sonoma Vietnamese Chicken Sandwiches

I was perusing through the Williams-Sonoma catalog the other day and came across these Vietnamese Grilled Chicken Sandwiches that looked absolutely amazing!  My picture below definitely does not give it justice, but these sandwiches were fun to make and different from the usual meat/cheese Panini people are used to. I used freshly baked sourdough bread […]

Soup’s On!

Sorry for the bad phone photo, but this soup was so yummy!

In most areas of our country mornings are cool, days are filled with sunshine, you begin to smell fall in the air, and at night you can go for a brisk walk with a light sweatshirt on….ahh my favorite time of year!  And every morning I awake with the idea that when I open my […]

Quickie Lunch: Cranberry Almond Chicken Salad

Kacie's Cranberry Orange Chicken Salad

This recipe is a take-off from my friend Kacie Highsmith’s famous chicken salad.  She provided me with the ingredients – as I will for you – but with no specific measurements.  So here’s what I made recently for some friends (measurements really aren’t exact, this is a fun salad to play around with).  I could […]

Corn, Poblano and Chorizo Pizza

Pizza's ready!

My husband recently bought a Big Green Egg smoker.  In the past week and a half  we’ve smoked/grilled a whole chicken, chicken breasts, chicken sausages, seafood and grass-fed filets.  This past weekend he wanted to try out some pizza.  He was craving chorizo sausage, so I came up with the following: Corn, Poblano and Chorizo Pizza […]

Black Beans – Two Ways

Sweet Potato stuffed with Black Bean Salad

Tonight I made an amazingly tasty, and simple meatless dish for Meatless Monday.  When I’m using canned black beans, it literally takes no more than 10 minutes to whip together. I love that this dish is rich in fiber, protein, antioxidants, potassium and vitamin A!  But what I love even more is it’s taste….give this […]