Breakfast Parfait

Breakfast parfait

My friend Jenny made me an amazing yogurt parfait after I had surgery, and I enjoyed it for multiple meals.  While fruit and yogurt parfaits are really easy to make, I don’t think many of us try them as often as we should.  It makes a complete breakfast: rich in fiber, calcium, vitamin D, potassium, […]

Gluten-Free Tortilla Product Review

While searching for my usual Food for Life Ezekiel 4:9 sprouted grain wraps (YUM!) at Whole Foods, I happened upon a product that, while it may have been available for some time now, was new to me: Food for Life Brown Rice tortillas.  I wanted to bring them home and give them a try, in […]

A Better Cookie


A fellow CrossFit enthusiast, Brad Law, served these really tasty cookies at one of our CrossFit Charleston get-togethers.   Free of any added sugars, flour or solid fats, this is a healthy alternative to your usual cookie.  They make a quick breakfast if you’re on the go.  Not crispy but super moist and delicious!  Give […]

Breakfast of Champions

Power Smoothie

  For the past nine months I’ve been enjoying whey protein smoothies on and off for breakfast.  When my CrossFit training picks up, I need a little extra protein to help my muscles recover, and keep my appetite under control. Even if you aren’t training for anything, we all need a bit of healthy protein along with high-fiber […]