My two Favorite Kimchi Products!

I have a LOVE-LOVE relationship with Kimchi.  There are few kimchi’s out there that I don’t like, but I have two new favorites I have to share with you! The first is one I found at Whole Foods a few weeks back.  It is a regional product for us Charlestonians, as it’s produced in Atlanta, […]

Eureka Baking Company


A few months ago I came across this bread that caught my eye.  I often avoid the bread aisle as it drives me nuts how big the slices are and how calorically dense and full of processed grains and sugars most breads contain.  But these colorful bags by Eureka Baking Company made me do a […]

Easy Grab n’ Go Snack for Kids

Mario Olives

My kids love olives, so when I ran into these Mario On-The-Go Snack Pouch Olives at Harris Teeter I grabbed a few for their lunch boxes. The kids loved them!  They come in two sizes: 1.05 oz is a perfect 50-calorie snack for kiddos and the 1.75 oz is a great 100-calorie snack for adults. […]

Amazing Gluten-Free Muffins – not from scratch!

GF muffins right out of the oven!

I have never been one to jump on the gluten-free bandwagon; unless of course a person has a true gluten-intolerance or celiac disease diagnosis.  This isn’t to say most Americans aren’t eating too many refined grains and total grains containing gluten, however!  But that’s a whole other post…. In a nutshell, I’m always interested in […]

Super Easy, “Superfood” Side

Since school has been back in session, our evenings are packed with homework, sporting events and music lessons.  Planning my meals in advance is an absolute must: but there are still occasionally those days when I don’t have it all together and dinner needs to be on the fly.  Last week I had such a […]