Thank Commercials for Kids Nagging

I guess I’m a lucky one, my kids still enjoy PBS Kids so we don’t get any junk food ads while watching their favorite cartoons.  However, they do know their characters, so every time we pass by the “gummies” and see Dora or Spider Man, my kids want ’em!  You can thank advertisers for this, […]

Salt and sugar can help beat brutal heat

Recently I was interviewed by writer David Quick of the Post and Courier.  Here is the article, titled Salt and Sugar Can Help Beat Brutal Heat.  Happy reading!

What to eat in your 30’s and beyond!

Quick, informative read on what to eat as you age….¬†from Fox News.

Six Lifestyle Practices That Can Add Years To Your Life

My dad sent me a link to this article, which is a great, short read on what Dr. Katz (a well-respected physician and researcher in the nutrition and preventive health arena) sees as 6 habits that can extend your life. ¬†Give it a read, and take the recommendations to heart: 6 Habits That Can Extend […]

The New Dietary Guidelines….What’s in Them and Will You Follow??

The Dietary Guidelines 2010 were published earlier this week. A joint effort between the USDA and US Dept of Health and Human Services the guidelines are intended to shape the eating patterns of Americans, and set direction for school nutrition programs, food stamps, food labeling, and education materials. Sidenote: by law they must be reviewed, […]