Snacking linked to lower BMI and abdominal circumference in adolescents

Interesting study published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition this month. Looks like snacking in teens may actually be a “good” thing where body weight is concerned. I must admit, I am a proponent of snacking, although not willy-nilly mindless eating on junk food like chips, soda, candy or ice cream – I’m talking healthy […]


Great article from Prevention Magazine that I found on . Pretty much sums up what this blog is about, and what I personally believe with regards to nutrition and health. Enjoy.

Meat Eaters Gain More Weight, Regardless of Calories

My dad came across this article and wanted me to share with all of you: referencing a study published in the peer-reviewed journal American Journal of Clinical Nutrition , suggesting that those who eat meat (beef, chicken, processed meats), regardless of total calorie intake, gain more weight than those who refrain. Read the article here […]

Lesson from the Italians

My husband and I experienced the same thing when we visited Florence, Cinque Terre and Rome a few years back…..the food was fabulous, savored, local, and yes, not piled high. Great short article from Washington Post .

Cartoon Characters Tilt Kids’ Food Choices Towards Junk Food