Great article on Booming Almond Milk Market

This Wall Street Journal article highlights the booming and increasingly competitive almond milk market. GREAT comparison of soy vs almond vs rice vs coconut vs cow’s milk at the end. If you are interested in comparing nutritional profile of cows versus plant-based milks, give this a read. We particularly like unsweetened almond milk in our […]

Hope You’re Not Eating While Reading This….

Not a new subject, as other studies have shown when distracted we eat more. But worth the read at any rate. ARTICLE This is especially important for those who have kids. It is scary observing my kids watch tv and eat – they look like little zombies with eyes glued to television while food is […]

10 Healthiest Ethnic Cuisines

Helpful article on healthier ethnic cuisine from

Pea Sprout Grows in Mans Lung

One more reason to watch how quickly my kids “inhale” their food….. :OYikes… article

Healthier School Lunches May Be On the Way

The Senate approved the “Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act”last week, which would expand children’s access to federal nutrition programs and improve the nutritional quality of school lunches. I don’t know all the details, but for some reason they want to take over $2 B away from food stamps in order to help pay for it…..stay tuned […]