The ABC’s of Eating Well… Part "R"

Revamp your Dinner Plate I had to laugh when I saw that, just a few days ago, the USDA finally replaced the not-so-user-friendly MyPyramid (which most of us know as the Food Pyramid) with a visual concept that has been used by dietitians including myself for a long time.  It may have taken them longer […]

The ABC’s of Eating Well… Part "Q"

Quiet Any Negative Thoughts Eating well and improving your health isn’t just about what goes into your mouth; it’s also what comes out of it, in the form of “self talk.”  And if you’re constantly saying to yourself that you’re not good enough, too weak, too fat, too ___ (fill in the blank) to reach […]

Defining "Clean"

A number of people asked me exactly how I’m defining eating “clean.” You can use any term you’d like, “clean” doesn’t have to be it, but it’s an easy way of saying this:– Cutting back or eliminating added sugars. I am not about eliminating sugars, that is, natural sugars…but we could all benefit from cutting […]