Eat Like a Mediterranean, Day 9

Healthy food

The Mediterraneans do enjoy their alcohol, especially wine, and some of the cardiovascular protection they enjoy has been attributed to alcohol consumption.  If you recall from “Eat Like a Mediterranean, Day 1″, wine is included in their food pyramid and recommended “in moderation.”  In moderation is a term that confuses many.  Most guidelines recommend moderation […]

Eat Like a Mediterranean, Day 8

Pasta with Collards

Today’s goal may throw a few people….especially people who view carbs as “forbidden” or “bad.”  But I’m here to try and convince  you that not all carbs are bad for you!  Carbohydrate-rich foods should actually make up 40-50% of your calories on a daily basis.  Keep in mind that carbohydrates are derived not only from […]

Eat Like a Mediterranean, Day 7

Chickpea basmati rice and kale salad

I hope you’ve been able to try the “Eat Like a Mediterranean” challenges from days 1-6 that I’ve provided so far.  Today, challenge yourself to eat more dried beans or lentils – legumes/pulses that provide a healthy dose of phytonutrients, dietary fiber, plant protein, and are naturally low in saturated fat and void of trans […]

Eat Like a Mediterranean, Day 6


I believe one of the greatest challenges American’s have with adopting a more Mediterranean type of eating pattern is cutting back on red meat and poultry.  The traditional Mediterranean way of eating is abundant in fish (at least two meals per week), and more limited in red meat and poultry.  This likely had more to […]

Eat Like a Mediterranean, Day 5

My morning bowl of yogurt, berries and omega-3 rich walnuts.

Today’s challenge is to incorporate more unsaturated fats in your diet by enjoying at least 1-2 ounces of nuts each day.  Extensive research links consumption of nuts to lower rates of heart disease.  In fact, four large epidemiological studies showed that people eating the equivalent of a handful of nuts 4 times a week had […]