About Me



I’m Melissa Ohlson, MS, RD – a registered dietitian with a penchant for healthy food that TASTES fabulous! I worked for over 12 years at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in the section of Preventive Cardiology and have helped hundreds of patients lose weight, control their diabetes, and reduce their risk of cardiovascular disease.  I have conducted numerous culinary classes, helped with writing the Cleveland Clinic Healthy Heart Lifestyle Guide and Cookbook, edit and co-author the nutrition series Eat to Boost Fertility and Eat to Beat Diabetes, was a Heart Coach for MyPromise (Promise activ products), conducted many nutrition lectures to both the lay and professional audiences, and have been interviewed on MSNBC and many other news outlets.  I’ve also been quoted in magazines such as SHAPE, Cooking Light, Men’s Health, Newsweek.com and WebMD.com.

Now, residing in Charleston, SC I am primarily wife and mom to two young boys.  But I’m still very passionate about helping people eat well to achieve optimal health and wellness.  I love sharing healthy, tasty recipes and nutrition advice with others, and am extremely passionate about eating CLEAN. I believe it’s just as important to consume foods grown and raised locally or regionally, and in a sustainable manner.  That’s why a big part of this blog is to focus on local food purveyors, restaurants, and specialty stores.

Sound nutrition advice, great tasting recipes, and tips on how to get the best food and culinary products in the Charleston area.  That’s the goal of this blog and I hope you’ll join with me on the experience!

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about this blog, or are interesting in nutrition consulting, please email me at eatwellcharleston@gmail.com.