Whole Foods Grab-n-Go Lunches

Yesterday I was rushing around trying to get errands done.  Around noon I hit Whole Foods for some dinner ingredients and was lured over to their prepared foods section with the waft of wonderful smells!  I often grab a salad at their salad bar (amazing healthy options in there!), but wanted to give their new Wok section a try.  If you haven’t seen Whole Foods new renovation, you MUST go!  They have a sushi, wok, sub sandwich, and dine-in bar section, and as always their fabulous salad or hot bar and prepared dishes.  I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying their tofu and cucumber sushi rolls (no raw seafood right now for this pregnant mama) recently, and they are fabulous.  But yesterday I had a hankering for a warm stir fry dish.

Their Wok section offers you a number of choices for around $7.99-8.99/dish.  You can choose from two different noodles or brown rice.  You then choose your protein – beef, chicken, tempura fried fish, or fried tofu.  Two veggies – wok stir fried sprouts, eggplant or squash with tomatoes.  Then a sauce (choose from three), two choices for a finishing topping (such as marinated cucumbers, cilantro, pickled ginger, etc). and crunchy topping (e.g., peanuts).   I chose brown rice, tofu, eggplant and squash, the spicy curry sauce, and topped with fresh cilantro and marinated cucumbers (I didn’t add the final crunch topping).  One word: YUM!

Here’s a pic from my lap in the car!  Nothing like eating on the run!


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