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A few months ago I came across this bread that caught my eye.  I often avoid the bread aisle as it drives me nuts how big the slices are and how calorically dense and full of processed grains and sugars most breads contain.  But these colorful bags by Eureka Baking Company made me do a double take.

Eureka Baking Company (a subsidiary of Orograin Bakeries) makes an 80-calorie per slice (28 g) bread called Graniac that contains organic whole wheat flour as it’s first ingredient. It has 3 g fiber and 4 g sugar per slice and contains a host of other good-for-you ingredients such as flax, sunflower kernels, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, millet, rye, barley, amaranth and more.  It is not void of sugar, however, but contains cane sugar and molasses instead of HFCS.  It is 100% organic and has no artificial colors or preservatives.

I love toasting this bread and smothering it with fresh avocado or homemade guacamole for breakfast; my kids love it with sunflower seed butter and fruit preserves.  I just love that the kind offered at our Publix is the 80 calorie per slice (they sell larger sizes but I haven’t seen them in stores, just on their website), as I am so tired of super-sized breads as the only available option anymore!

Grab a bag and give it a try today!  Happens to be on sale this week at Publix for $3.99.

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  1. Christa says:

    I discovered this brand at Target this week! I tried the saaa-wheat! And I love it!! I run into the same problems in the bread aisle and don’t mind paying a little more for something good for you and that tastes good too!

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