Easy Grab n’ Go Snack for Kids

My kids love olives, so when I ran into these Mario On-The-Go Snack Pouch Olives at Harris Teeter I grabbed a few for their lunch boxes.

Mario Olives

The kids loved them!  They come in two sizes: 1.05 oz is a perfect 50-calorie snack for kiddos and the 1.75 oz is a great 100-calorie snack for adults.  Flavors include Pitted with Roasted Red Pepper (Black), Pitted Seasoned with Sevillian Spices (Green), and Pitted with a Hint of Thyme (Kalamata), to name a few!

A great source of monounsaturated fat and a healthy snack for all – check out Mario’s website which contains some fun recipes too!

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