Have Leftover Grilled Corn? Make Quesadillas!

My husband and kiddos love grilled corn on the cob – the kind brushed with a blend of garlic, butter, cilantro and queso fresco. Since I purchased more than we could eat, we had couple left over from our meal.  Instead of tossing out those extra ears (or reheating them in micro – ick), I made use of them in an entirely different dish.  I had a half can of black beans left over in my fridge, so thought Mexican was the perfect dish to make!

This recipe takes less than 30 minutes to prep and cook – the PERFECT meal when time is tight and the kids are rummaging through your pantry they are so hungry!  What I love about this recipe is that is by itself a great leftover too – perfect for heat and eat lunch the next day.  Enjoy!

Grilled Corn and Black Bean Quesadillas

Makes 6


1 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil

1/2 medium red onion, diced

2 ears leftover grilled corn, removed from ear with a sharp knife

1/2 can black beans, rinsed and drained

1/2 tsp ground cumin

1 Tbsp fresh cilantro, finely chopped

Salt and pepper to taste

2 ounces crumbled queso fresco

2 ounces shredded mexican cheese blend

6 whole wheat flour tortillas

Favorite quesadilla toppings: homemade guacamole, salsa, light sour cream….

Heat a cast iron skillet with olive oil. Add red onion and sauté about 3 minutes, or until onions slightly translucent.  Add corn and beans and sauté for another 2 minutes, seasoning with cumin, salt and pepper.  Add cilantro and remove from pan.

Heat a griddle (or large skillet) over medium.  Wait until griddle is hot and spray lightly with cooking spray.  Place flour tortilla on griddle.  Add corn and bean mixture, and about 1-2 Tbsp of each cheese onto surface of each tortilla.  Then fold tortilla in half.  Allow to cook on one side of tortilla about a minute or two until crispy and lightly brown. Flip over on folded side so insides of quesadilla don’t fall out.  Cook on that side one to two minutes.  Remove from griddle and serve immediately.





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