Amazing Gluten-Free Muffins – not from scratch!

I have never been one to jump on the gluten-free bandwagon; unless of course a person has a true gluten-intolerance or celiac disease diagnosis.  This isn’t to say most Americans aren’t eating too many refined grains and total grains containing gluten, however!  But that’s a whole other post….

In a nutshell, I’m always interested in trying a new product.  Enter: Simple Mills, a company dedicated to gluten-free/grain-free baking mixes.  They offer three muffin mixes to date: banana, chocolate or pumpkin.  I was at Whole Foods the other day and a friend of mine suggested trying them, as her children have gluten-intolerance.   Although the price of the mix is not for the faint of heart (each mix retails at $8.99), I have to say I was impressed with their simple and clean ingredients list: almonds, coconut nectar, arrowroot powder, bananas, vanilla beans, baking soda and celtic sea salt.  All you add is some coconut oil (1 Tbsp) or other oil; some water (2/3 c) and an egg (or egg replacer).

I was extremely impressed with how nicely the batter mixed together.  Previous gluten-free mixes I have used end up being difficult to mix, clumping together in a big mass of goo.  This mix felt like regular batter should feel… moist enough to pour into the individual muffin tins – a plus in my book!  And after baking 15 minutes at 375, these muffins were golden brown, moist and very tasty.  My kids loved them!

I have two comments to make about this product that I think should be noted:

1.  The bag of mix only makes 9 muffins….why 9?  Why not add more ingredients to make a dozen?

2.  They claim 0 grams saturated fat per muffin (130 cal/serving).  This cannot be true.  If you use coconut oil at 1 Tbsp per mix that’s 12 grams of saturated fat … a little over 1 gram per muffin.  Just need to note this!

There’s 3 grams of fiber per muffin, 270 mg sodium, 7 g total fat, 17 g carbs and a hefty dose of vitamin E and magnesium to boot!  Give these tasty muffins a try, especially if gluten sensitivity is an issue.

gf muffin batter

GF muffin mix ready to bake!

gf muffin mix

GF muffins right out of the oven!

GF muffins right out of the oven!


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