Corn Salsa over Mahi Mahi

Fish is by far my favorite animal-derived protein source.  Not-so-much for my husband.  When I prepare it at home, masking any “fishy” taste is a must: which usually means topping the fish with some kind of salsa, tapenade, relish or sauce.  I’m okay with that, if it means he’ll get to reap the benefits of heart-protective omega-3 fatty acids.

On Sunday I was tight on time for making dinner.  I had purchased a bottle of Trader Joes Corn and Chili Tomato-Less Salsa and thought it’d be a good topping for some fresh mahi mahi I got at the market.  If you have not had this tomato-less salsa, you’ve got to run to Trader Joes and try it – I could eat the entire 13.75 oz container with some tortilla chips in one sitting!  Made with corn, onions, bell peppers, jalapenos, sugar, vinegar, and coriander and mustard seeds, this salsa offers a sweet yet savory taste at the same time.

While the salsa is good, it is in my nature to doctor things up.  I had made my weekly batch of fresh guacamole, so I thought adding some cilantro, red onion, and halved grape tomatoes would give this salsa just what it needed to make it perfect (I surely didn’t buy it for it’s “tomato-less” name).  Boy was I right!


I seasoned the Mahi with a dry rub of Whole Foods Tequila Lime Chili Seasoning and grilled it until cooked to desired doneness, then topped with the salsa.  Delish!

Corn Salsa over Mahi Mahi 

Serves 4

1 bottle Trader Joe’s Corn and Chile Tomato-Less Salsa

1 cup grape tomatoes, halved

2 Tbsp diced red onion

2 Tbsp chopped fresh cilantro

Stir together and add some lime juice if you’d like.  Serve over grilled mahi (or chicken) and enjoy!



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