Chipotle Black Bean Dip

Just last week I purchased the Breville Fast Slow Cooker from Williams-Sonoma.  I already have a slow cooker, but this one intrigued me because it can also roast and pressure cook. I’ve been meaning to get a pressure cooker, as I really do enjoy using dried versus canned beans in my recipes when I can.  With the hoopla about Bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical found in the lining of most canned goods that has been linked to breast cancer and early puberty in women, I’ve decided to try and limit the canned goods our family uses.  Dried beans are easy to prepare, and honestly you don’t need a pressure cooker to prepare them – I just like the speed with which they are ready to eat, and the texture.

I made this recipe for my sister-in-law who was visiting, and she and my kids loved it!  I personally enjoy it warm or at room temp, but it’s still tasty right out of the fridge.  Use as a dip for fresh veggies, a base for a veggie-sandwich or wrap, or with tortilla chips.

Black Bean Chipotle Dip

Chipotle Black  Bean Dip

Chipotle Black Bean Dip

Serves “many” :) as a dip!

1 c dried black beans (I used black turtle beans) – rinsed, picked through and soaked overnight in water (make sure water covers beans about 2 “)

1/2 cup nonfat greek yogurt

2 chipotle peppers (from a can of chipotle peppers in adobo sauce – save remaining chipotles for few weeks in fridge or freezer for later use)

1 tsp adobo sauce (from can)

1 tsp salt

1/4 cup fresh cilantro


1.  Soak beans overnight and drain.  Place beans and 3 cups water in a pressure cooker and cook over medium pressure for 13-15 minutes; alternately boil beans in a pot with water and boil until beans soft-tender (about 45 minutes).  Drain beans and place in a  food processor.

2.  Add yogurt, chipotle peppers, adobo sauce and salt.  Puree in food processor until smooth.

3.  Add cilantro and pulse 5-7 times, until cilantro throughout mixture.

4.  Serve with jicama, carrots or peppers; tortilla chips; or in a warm tortilla tossed with a cabbage slaw – YUM!







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  1. Sansanee (sister in law) says:

    Seriously yummy dip! And I agree with Melis; dip was especially good slightly warm. Another knock out recipe from eatwellcharleston!

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