Gaulart & Maliclet (Fast & French)

Since the school year has started I’ve had a little more time now to enjoy my girlfriends and catch up over lunch.  My dear friend Dawn (go Purdue!) and I have made a pact to try a new restaurant in Charleston each month.  I know, I’ve got it rough….

As luck would have it, we both had a restaurant in mind….Gaulart & Maliclet (for those who cannot pronounce,  “Fast & French” will do) at 98 Broad Street downtown Charleston.  She’s been dying to go there, and I’ve read about it in The Local Palate ….so it’s been a mission of mine too.

Gaulart & Maliclet is a GEM: a tiny little cafe restaurant set up in a fashion you would expect – communal dining, bar stools, tight spaces, great food, wine and coffee.  It’s like a scene out of a French movie AND.I.LOVE.THAT!  They serve breakfast starting at 8 AM…with items like croissants (avec moderation s’il vous plait :), yogurt, cereal, fruits, and toasts.  I am a true coffee fanatique so I love that they offer French Press (with free refills – Joie!).  Lunch starts at 11 AM.  On the day we dined, I never even looked at the menu, because their special plate for the day (which they brilliantly display for you when you arrive) was a fabulous open-faced stewed tomato and onion sandwich topped with goat cheese, served with one of six soups of your choice (I chose the gazpacho), fresh fruit and a beverage or glass of house wine.  All for only $8.95!  I can’t buy a single glass of wine for that price at most restaurants!

The fabulous lunch “special of the day” at Gaulart & Maliclet

Now there are many “rich” items on this menu…but even if you are watching your waistline, there are tons of options, such as seven different salads, cold sandwiches (choose between ham, turkey, roast beef, cheese and vegetables), six vegetarian options like vegan provencal (green or black olive tapenade with tomato and basil on baguette – yum!), and open faced sandwiches w/ soup (vegetarian options here too).

Under their “Something Very French…snacks” served any time of the day, you can enjoy smoked salmon, goat cheese, tapenade, fresh fruits, side salmon or cheese and bread.  As the evening rolls around G&M serves dinner too – seafood dinners, vegetarian plates (even vegetarian escargot), chicken, appetizers, even fondue.  All at very low prices (highest priced item on menu is a an appetizer tray for two at $25.25, everything else is around $15 for dinner entrees/$10 for vegetarian ones).

If it didn’t get any better than that, they have locally made desserts too (to complement a French press) such as meringues, fresh fruit salad, and your usual “low cal” desserts like cheese cake, tarts, mousse cake and fondue.  As a dietitian I must exclaim, “all foods can fit, as long as done in moderation….” but you may be better off with just a nice meal and coffee.

Next time you hit downtown you’ve got to give Gaulart & Maliclet Cafe Restaurant a try!

Great prices, great taste and fabulous coffee!  Sign me up!

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  1. I love Fast and French and actually worked there years ago when I first moved to Charleston! I also went there for lunch last week and saw lots of old friends – the regulars from 20 years ago are still there! Now that really says something! I don’t know why I don’t go more often – we had a spectacular lunch and it was reasonable!

  2. Dawn says:

    A true GEM!

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