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Over the past few month’s I have been eyeing a small cottage next to Mustard Seed on Chuck Dawley as it transformed from a mundane small restaurant to a bright, colorful and inviting building.  Once the bright green and white round sign reading “Puree –  Organic Baby Cafe & Goods” sprouted, I was fully committed to giving it a try.

After picking my boys up from summer camp the other day, we made the quick drive over. I must admit at first I was a bit skeptical.  Was this indeed a restaurant containing only pureed baby food?  Would I be left ordering my 3 and 5-year-old boys pureed prunes? I am proud to announce “NOT IN THE LEAST”!

Upon entering this delightful little cottage house, you are greeted by owner Jenan McClain – self-proclaimed Mompreneur who started this whole business after the birth of her and husband Bryant’s daughter Isla.  During her pregnancy Jenan, a long-time vegetarian, followed a healthy diet rich in organic foods.  After her daughter was born, she looked for healthy options (phthalate, BPA and arsenic-free) for skin-care, bedding, clothing, and toys and “began a march towards providing the healthiest alternatives for new moms.”  When her daughter began eating solid foods Jenan started pureeing healthy concoctions at home (how does roasted organic D’anjou pears with brown rice and cinnamon sound??).  When people began asking for advice and recommendations on how they too could lead a cleaner lifestyle for their little ones, the idea for Puree sprouted.

Puree is not your average restaurant.  The front end is stocked with a host of eco-friendly toys, apparel, art supplies and more for babies, young children, and moms.  The rest is a colorful, cozy restaurant where you can order some amazingly tasty food from Chef Kelli Peterson or baked goods from Chef Cynthia Huggins.  What makes this restaurant so special is that it is one of few in town that caters to vegetarians, vegans, people with gluten intolerance or celiac disease, or those desiring to eat more health consciously.  The produce is almost all organic, and locally sourced when possible.  The dietitian in me is doing cartwheels!

This restaurant is the perfect outlet for moms and kids…or just adults desiring a great meal.  When we arrived there were two moms with their toddlers in high chairs enjoying some pureed delight (the kids were silent and gobbling up their meals); others were having lunch on the patio outside or inside in the booths.  I also noticed a steady crowd of people ordering takeout.

The boys and I grabbed a booth and dove into the lunch menu: there are a variety of delightful options including small plates, wraps and sandwiches, and baby bowls/grown up sides.  We started with an organic smoothie (which included yogurt, strawberries, blueberries, pineapple and banana) for each boy, and their white bean dip with fresh herb pita chips.  I think the picture below says it all on the smoothies.

Organic Smoothie at Puree

When the bean dip arrived, my boys looked at the herbs and said, “what’s all that green stuff?”  I gave them my usual speech that you must give everything at least one try, and not long after the second bite, my youngest hollers out in the direction of Jenan, “This is delicious!”  The pita chips are made to order – and served warm, fresh out of the oven with the most spectacular mixture of herbs you’ve ever tasted.  The white bean dip is the perfect complement to the chips…..we were in heaven.

White bean dip with fresh herb pita chips

For our main entrees, I ordered the  Grilled Chimichurry Seitan Wrap w/herb citrus dressing and chipotle mayo.  Our server told me it’s Jenan’s favorite item on the menu.  This was a great wrap!  So warm, full of flavor, and the perfect size to make me feel satisfied at the end of the meal.  My boys enjoyed picking out the “chicken” from my sandwich.  This wrap is a perfect choice for anyone wanting to try a veggie alternative to meat or chicken.

Grilled Chimichurry Seitan Wrap w/herb citrus dressing & chipotle mayo

For my boys, I ordered them the grilled cheese & white bean spread with kale & tomatoes.  We were told this is becoming one of the  customers favorites.  Let me tell you, we enjoyed every bite!  I am a lover of all things kale and I have to be honest, this sandwich is MY favorite so far.  The whole grain bread is toasty and warm with melted cheese with kale that is sautéed to perfection.  I know I’m a dietitian and I should follow portion control, but honestly I could have ordered two.  It will be the first thing I order next visit.

Grilled cheese & white bean spread with kale & tomatoes


My boys were treated kindly by staff and Jenan even dropped us a visit for a chat before our meal started.  When they started getting rambunctious she slipped away and returned with some nontoxic “rock” crayons and paper for them to draw.  It’s just the perfect place to bring kiddos.

As we were leaving, I couldn’t help but notice the array of yummy baked goods at the counter…there were homemade Mama Row’s spinach pies (with or without feta), chocolate chip walnut cookies (vegan), Kelli’s decadent chocolate pudding (vegan and gluten-free), muffins, chocolate bark and even doughnuts.  I grabbed a spinach pie and Jenan offered us a complementary chocolate chip walnut cookie.  The spinach pies are absolutely delicious and the vegan cookie decadent.

We’re heading back for Sunday brunch, which is quickly becoming a local favorite.  I’d suggest you head over to Puree at 1034 Chuck Dawley Blvd in Mt. Pleasant as quickly as possible.  Visit their website for sample menus at www.thinkpuree.comor give them a ring  at 843-884-5464 or 864-320-5526.

Puree Hours:

Tuesday – Friday: 8:00am – 5:30pm

Sat – Sun: 10:00am – 2:00pm

Serving Breakfast, Lunch and Sunday Brunch

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  1. Rebecca says:

    Jeff and I saw this restaurant and assumed it was all babyfood. Glad to hear otherwise. I too am a fan of kale. Have you tried your hand at making kale and dumplings? Yummy soup.

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