Black Bean Co. Energy Food Restaurant

Last week as I was driving down Folly Road on James Island to give a nutrition talk, I passed an attractive green and black sign that read “Black Bean Co“.  The minute I saw “Energy Food Restaurant” I knew I had to stop in for lunch on my way back home.  Here in Charleston there is a paucity of proclaimed “health food” restaurants: so when I see one, I’m going in – asap!

And boy am I glad I stopped in! One look at the menu – which right off the bat claims that 80% of the produce comes from local Thackerey Farms, plus proclamations of being All Natural, Unprocessed, and Rainforest Alliance certified – and I was hooked.  The menu is extensive: they offer breakfast items like oatmeal, vegan muffins, biscotti, pancakes and other baked goods; lunches range from soups, wraps, gyros and salads (and there are tons of options – vegan included – loaded with items like leafy greens, sprouts, guacamole, black beans, Jasmine rice, heirloom tomatoes, and more); dinner offers these same wraps, gyros and salads along with entrees like Mahi Mahi tacos, BBQ chicken plate, crab cakes, vegan pad Thai and vegan Mediterranean quinoa.

I had a hankering for a salad, so chose the East Meets West.  You can pick your protein: chicken, seasoned tofu or turkey.  I chose a Southwestern seasoned tofu.  This was served with mixed greens, tomatoes, mushrooms (not some dry mushroom but what appeared to be a marinated sautéed shiitake), watermelon radish, marinated olives, feta cheese (not a pile but a nice small portion), sunflower seeds, rice noodles and a ginger soy dressing.  YUM!  I really enjoyed the fusion of flavors.

East Meets West Salad

East Meets West Salad

After that lunch, I literally fantasized when I was going to return and go for dinner. Two days later I arrived with three gal pals! Here are a few pics of our amazingly tasty dinner:

Acorn Squash Soup from Black Bean Co.

Lotus Root Salad from Black Bean Co.

All of us were so engrossed in our glasses of Pinot Noir (yes they serve wine and beer) and conversation that we never took any pictures of our entrees.  We all ordered veggie-rich wraps and gobbled them down.  And their very kind staff offered us complimentary vegan cupcakes (vanilla with a dried cherry on top was the flavor) to end the meal on a sweet note.

As we were exiting, our friend Zuhal told us we had to order their vanilla honey Greek yogurt and granola to take home.  I picked up a 16 oz container and enjoyed the BEST yogurt and granola I’ve ever had!  The only problem was that I had trouble not scarfing down the entire thing in one sitting!

Vanilla Honey Greek Yogurt with Granola from Black Bean Co.

Black Bean Co. is open 7 days a week from 7 am – 10 pm.  They offer catering, delivery, pick up, dine in or drive thru.

They have two locations: downtown 116 Spring St (smaller menu) and 869 Folly Road on James Island.


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