yesUmay Cookies

“You had me at hello.”

That famous line between Renee Zellweger and Tom Cruise in the movie Jerry Maguire rings true for me in many ways.  For one, it reminds me of my husband… except in our situation he “had me at the cookie.” You see, we met at the hospital where he was a med student and I a grad student and dietetic intern.  As we passed one another in the hall one day, he turned, called out to me, and whispered ever so sweetly “Want a cookie?”  I’ll never forget that chocolate, white chocolate macademia nut moment…er, I mean that handsome, sweet guy who handed it to me.  It was as if the stars were aligned – I had found my dough soul mate!

True story, but a bit on the dramatic side I know.  But anyone who knows me, knows that my favorite indulgent food (or what I call a “sometimes” food for my kids) is a good cookie.   Not some boxed up commercial cookie or those cardboard ones you find at most grocers…why waste the calories and fat on blah?  No, I’m partial to the homemade type: ooey, gooey on the inside with a good crunch on the edge.

Now for my second “you had me at the cookie” moment: yesUmay Cookies at 280 West Coleman Blvd, Suite L-1.  I was on an afternoon shopping trip with my dear friend Alexis and we happened upon this adorable little cookie shop, jonesing for a pick-me-up.  And boy what a pick-me-up we got!

We were greeted with a warm hello from owner Ashley Swider and associate Sallie Truluck and the sweet smells of freshly baked cookies.  And boy were there cookies!  Who can decide between these eight fabulous daily flavors:
Milk’s Companion (updated choco chip cookie)
Abundant Bite (dark chocolate and goji berry topped with sea salt)
Blissed Out (toffee and chocolate cookie topped with sea salt)
Inspiration Indie (curry, white chocolate and macademia nut)
Optimistic Chew (oatmeal, apple and butterscotch)
Fruitful Love (oatmeal, cherry, cranberry, raising and walnut)
Sweet Satisfaction (sugar cookie topped with buttercream)
Universal Decadence (triple chocolate chunk with sea salt)
What’s more, Ashley offers two specials each month: last month being a Vivaciou Velvet (red velvet cookie which she said she may make a regular flavor it has been so popular) and a lemon basil cookie (wish I had tried it!)

Alexis and I decided to share the Blissed Out along with a pot of excellent french press coffee.  One word says it all: YUM!

As a consumer, I love that Ashley’s shop is inviting.  If you’re in the mood to watch them bake in action, you can sit at the counter on the barstools.  If you prefer some quiet conversation (and a cookie) with a friend, get comfy on one of their couches or chairs.  If you have the kiddos in tow, no worries: they’ll be quiet while munching on the cookies, then can trail off to the wall chalkboard and have a ball in the kids section.

As a dietitian, I love the fact that Ashley uses only the highest quality, freshest ingredients.  No artificial, trans-fat laden junk in these cookies.  Where else can you find rich chocolates, sea salt, goji berries and curry in a cookie??  And speaking of curry, Sallie handed me their Inspiration Indie as I walked out.  I was a bit hesitant to try a cookie consisting of curry and white chocolate with macademia nuts, but one bite washed all of those worries away.  This cookie is awesome!  At first bite I was thinking it was just another spice cookie, but then the tingle and YUM this cookie left on my tongue (thanks to the curry I’m sure) made me a believer.  You’ve got to give it a try – sweet and savory at the same time.

If you don’t want just one cookie, yesUmay will package them up any way you like it.  And they deliver too – in beautiful wine boxes that are sure to wow any of your recipients.

Stop by yesUmay cookies on Coleman today!  Keep in mind portion control here – freeze some for a treat later in the week, as they are still a “sometime” food.  As a dietitian I believe enjoying these ‘sometimes’ foods helps you approach eating well in a healthy, positive manner.  If I tell myself that I can never have these foods, then I seek them out more, like a cookie manhunt if you will.  So in my book, as long as 95% of what you are eating is a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, nuts, whole grains, fish, and lean meats, fitting these foods in occasionally is acceptable.

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